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Responsibility and oversight of the following:

  • All Wayne State University financial activity for all funds types
  • Financial statistical reports and financial projections
  • Invoicing and Account Receivables areas
  • Dean’s recurring and non-recurring commitments
  • Position control and tenure obligations


Robert Kohrman
Vice Dean, School of Medicine

Sue Robell
Associate Director - Finance
(313) 577-1397

  • Tenure Search Requests
  • Faculty, Other Academic, Non-Academic Position Control
  • New Index Requests
  • Service Center Establishment and Policy
  • Revenue/Check Deposits
  • Departmental Budgets (Prophix/Banner)
  • Monthly Procurement Card Reports

Natasha Weathers
Associate Director - Budget
(313) 577-1477

  • General Fund Allocations
  • Budget Development
  • Personnel Paperwork (Indexes: 132xxx, /22xxx/ fund 130M4, 444xxx&448xxx/fund 2890xx)
  • Departmental Budgets (Prophix/Banner)

Candelario (Rio) Benavides
(313) 577-2052

  • Dean’s Commitments
  • Faculty Recruitment Funds
  • Faculty Start up Funds
  • Personnel Paperwork (General Fund and AEF Teaching)
  • Salary Reimbursement (Bi-weekly invoicing)
  • Personnel Paperwork (Indexes: 17xxx)

Maria Mykolenko
Grants & Contract Officer
(313) 577-6946

  • Approve Expenditure Documents for Grant & Contract Indexes
  • Cash Deficit Requests for Clinical Trial Indexes
  • Cost Sharing   (Must be submiited and approved by SoM)
  • Effort Certification
  • Grant Activity Reports – COEUS
  • Payroll Suspense
  • Post-Award Policies and Procedures
  • Transfer Requests for Grant & Contract Indexes
  • Personnel Paperwork (General Fund and AEF Teaching)

Nicholas Pilot
Budget Analyst II
(313) 577-5449

  • Salary Reimbursement (contracts/work orders, billing & payment questions & A/R)
  • GME (billing & payment questions, & A/R)
  • Expenditure Forms (Indexes: 13xxx/14xxx/99xxx)
  • Personnel Paperwork (Indexes: 14xxx/99xxx/ 22xxxs,except funds 130M3 & 130M4)
  • Transfers (General Fund Support/Part time and Faculty Start up)

Nicole Young
Accounting Assistant
(313) 577-1475

  • Cashier Office
  • Expenditures for School of Medicine Office of the Dean and Faculty Recruitment