Fiscal Affairs is responsible for all of the WSU financial and budgeting activity in the School of Medicine. This encompasses all of the fund types, e.g., General Fund, Designated, Indirect Cost Return, Salary Reimbursement, Endowments, Grants and Contracts, Cost Sharing, Plant, and Auxiliary. All expenditures (personnel, equipment, and support) flow through Fiscal Affairs. In addition, Dean's Commitments (both recurring and non-recurring) are monitored and funded.

All financial reporting and statistical information is developed and compiled to the Dean, Executive Levels within the School, University, and external entities (e.g., Annual LCME Financial Questionnaire). Tenure/Tenure Track obligations for faculty as well as position control is an integral part of the department's responsibilities.


Coronavirus: COVID-19

The situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is evolving rapidly, requiring the university to adapt quickly to a variety of issues. Wayne State University has established a COVID-19 website and School of Medicine has added policies specific to medical student, faculty and staff needs at med.wayne.edu.coronavirus to keep you informed during this time. This site will be updated as new information becomes available.