Budgetary Approval Process

Fiscal Affairs (FA) provides BAO (Business Affairs Officer) approval for SOM.  In an effort to better serve our customers, we provide electronic budgetary approval for most items.   After FA has approved, we will forward to the appropriate office and cc the requestor. You may want to obtain applicable department and external school (ex. OVPR) signatures prior to sending to Fiscal Affairs in order to expedite the approval process.


  1. Finance items requiring BAO/FA approval ( excluding personnel related ) to financeapprovals@med.wayne.edu
    • Pro Card Applications
    • Personal Service Contracts (PSC)
    • Gift Card Purchase Certifications (DPR & Pro Card)
    • Start-up extension requests
    • Telephone Service Requests (TSR)
    • Work Order Requests (Including Just-Do-It and Trade Requests)
    • Travel Card Applications

      Please continue to submit hardcopies of the following:
    • IRB-Internal Service Billing Form
  2. Personnel Paperwork to FiscalAffairs-personnelpaperwork@med.wayne.edu.  

    • Email directly to HRMPN@wayne.edu for approval prior to sending to FA.
      1. Bonus Payments 
      2. Salary Equity Adjustments

          Please send one file per individual being appointed, renewed, etc.

  1. Transfer Request please email directly to FiscalAffairs-TransferRequests@med.wayne.edu.  Complete the form and provide supporting documentation (Banner screens) relating to the transfer.

  • NON-Grant Funds--Please use the FA (Fiscal Affairs) Transfer Request form at http://fiscalaffairs.med.wayne.edu/ under Forms and Policies.
    • Non-Grant Funds will be processed by Fiscal Affairs and you will receive an email confirmation containing a document number for verification purposes.
  • Grant Funds-- please use SPA's transfer request form 
    This form is located on SPAs website at  http://spa.wayne.edu/forms/index.php               
    Electronically:    Patrick Maher patrick.maher@wayne.edu
    Mail:   SPA -   5057  Woodward  -   13th Floor

Please note, Unless noted Otherwise, neither emails to individuals within the office of Fiscal Affairs nor hardcopies will be accepted.