Cashier's Office

Distribution of Checks

Honorariums, reimbursements, subject payments, vendor payments, stipends and travel advances.

Student Loans - lender bank checks for endorsement by the medical student and net checks processed through the School of Medicine Financial Aid office may be picked up at the School of Medicine Cashier's Office with proper photo identification (Student ID or Driver's license.) The School of Medicine Cashier's Office will notify the Financial Aid Office when to contact students for check pick-up.

Distribution of Petty Cash to Subjects Participating in Clinical Trials or Research Projects

This form authorizes WSU or authorized personnel to receive funds from a current account, for participants in a WSU authorized study. Both advance and voucher forms are attained from School of Medicine Cashier's Office, once the form is completed and authorized signatures obtained, the form is returned to School of Medicine Cashier's for disbursement of funds.

  • Amount of funds advanced is not to exceed $200.00, unless authorized by Director of Fiscal Affairs
  • Funds/and or petty cash vouchers are due five working days from the date of disbursement
  • Cash increments to be determined by School of Medicine Cashier's Office.
  • Funds must be kept in a secure location and not in a separate/personal bank account
  • Funds must be used exclusively for the purpose described herein, each payment not to exceed $50.00 per person.
  • See forms below:
  1. Petty Cash Subject Participant Voucher
  2. Advance of Pretty Cash for Payment to subjects participating clinical Trials

Tuition Payments
Payment in the form of personal checks, cashier's checks, certified checks, traveler's checks, and money orders, are accepted for tuition payments. Each payment must have students name and ID number before it can be processed. Payment by DISCOVER/MC/AX may be transacted on line via Academica using Student ID number and Birth date.

Other Student Payments
School of Medicine Science Store, Bio Medical Communications., Microscope Fees for College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (payments are $55.00 or $110.00). School of Medicine Cashier's Office does NOT accept cash payments.

Office Hours:
10:00 am to 12:30 p.m. - Tuesday and Thursday
Phone: 313-577-1475
Fax: 313-577-1272